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Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

Internet (WWW)
Contact person David Zhang
Address Economic Development Zone, Liaocheng, Shandong, China
Postalcode 252000
City liaocheng
State shandong
Country China
Telephone 86-635-8206122
Fax 86-635-8206122
Second email

About Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd (Formerly Jinquan (Golden Spring) Rock Drilling Tools Co., Ltd) was established in 1984, located in Economic Development Zone Of Liaocheng, Shandong Province, China. It belongs to the group company of Golden Spring Drilling Limited. We are one of the biggest production bases of all kinds of rock drilling tools, mainly produce "Jinquan" brand rock tools, including threaded button bits, tapered button bits, cross drill bits, chisel bits, down the hole DTH bits, DTH hammers, extension drill rod, MF rod, shank adaptors, coupling sleeves, conical shank cutter bits, pick holders, tricone bits, air compressor, drilling rigs etc. Now our manufacturing capacity has reached eight series and more than 500 types of products. They are widely used in quarrying, mining, road building, railways, highways, water well, hydroelectric power and other basic energy & civil construction projects.

rock tools, tapered button bits, threaded button bits, DTH bits, DTH hammers, DTH drill pipes, dshank adapter, coupling sleeves, integral drill steels, tapered drill rod, extension rod, speed rod, MF rod, cutter bits, coal mining tools, water well drilling rig, screw air compressor.

Jinquan Corporation is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of quality rock drilling tools in China, with advanced technology, top-class production equipment and meets select international quality standards. Furthermore, our products are produced & designed in terms of IS09001:2008 stipulation. Owing to our products' excellent performance and reasonable pricing policy, we successfully minimized our every customer's drilling cost into per meter. Also we would be happy to design & produce products as per your required specifications

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Products Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd in the DentalCatalog
12 degree tapered button bits/rock drill bit
2015 High quality 7 degree tapered chisel bits for jack hammer
2015 hot sell taper chisel drill bits 7 degree for drilling blast hole
4 inch DHD340A,COP44 dth drill bit and hammer
6 degree tapered hard rock drill steel
Button bit GT60 92mm 102mm 115mm 127mm 140mm Flat-face retrac semi-ballistic)
Carbide Jack Hammer Taper Button Bit,6 7 8 buttons,7 11 12 degree
China best manufacturers & suppliers Hydraulic rock drilling
China best selling carbide tool bit/Rotary cutter bits
China DHD360 DHD380 DTH drill bit /Down-the-hole drill bit/DTH button bits
China GT60 threaded button bits
China GT60 threaded button bits,normal body or retrac body
China manufacturer Self drilling anchor bolt
Chisel bits for hard rock drilling
COP32-85mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 105mm DTH Hammer Drill Bit
COP64,QL80 Down The Hole Drilliing DTH Hammers
DTH Button Bits/DTH Hammers/DTH drilling tools manufacturers & suppliers
DTH Drill Rod Made In China
DTH Drill Rod/DTH Drill bit/DTH hammer for mining
Excellent quality and competitive prices!hollow taper drilling rod
GT60 MF Drill Rod - Speed Rod, Top Hammer Drifter Rod, Percussive Drifter Rod
GT60 Threaded Rock Button Drilling Bits
hex19 taper drill rod/plug hole rod
Hex22mm*108mm Integral drill rod from china
High Quality 42CrMo Taper Cross Bits for coal mining
High quality button bits manufacturers
high quality rotary cutter drill bit/mining tools/cutter bits with factory price
High quality taper cross chisel button bits for hard rock drilling
Hot Sale Cemented Carbide Buttons Drill Bits for granite quarry
Hot sale Friction Welding DTH Drill Pipe 76mm, 89mm, 102mm, 114mm
Hot sale hydraulic rock drill in mining
Hydraulic rotary cutter bit/mining bits with top performance
Integral drill rod/integral drilling rod with high quality for hot sale
JINQUAN - GT60 thread, Shank adapters (striking bars)
Jinquan thread drill steel rod coupling sleeves
Mincon DTH drill bits - MC80 DTH button bits
Mincon MC DTH Hammer - MC80 Down The Hole (DTH) Hammer
Mining air rock drill/pneumatic rock drills are mainly used in mine, railway
mining tapered drill rod for sale
R32 T38 T45 T51 extension rod drifter rod MF rods
Rock drill bit /DTH drill bit
Rock Drill Bits,Thread cross bit for mining
Secoroc DTH Hammers COP32 DTH Hammer - DTH Hammer Spare Parts
Speed rods T38-Hex.35-R32-Length(3700mm-6400mm)
spherical button bit,china thread button bits
T45 Dia. 89mm Retrac button bits, drill bits
Y20 Pneumatic Rock Drill Jack Hammer
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Distributors Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
Type of business Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
Association or NGO No
CAD/CAM Milling/Scan-Centre No
Distributor / Depot No
Education, medical Center, college or University No
Exhibition&conference No
Exporter Yes
Importer No
insurance and finance No
Interior designer No
jobs and recruitment No
Manufacturer Yes
Media Service No
other No
Publisher No
Subsidiary No
Wholesaler No
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