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Easyinsmile (HK) business Co.

Internet (WWW)
Contact person sam
Postalcode 41030
City hongkong
State hongkong
Country Hong Kong
Telephone 8618684788665
Second email

About Easyinsmile (HK) business Co.

Easyinsmile is one of the leading dental shopping online company in Asia, with a big range of dental products such as Dental Handpiece,Dental Orthodontic,Ultrasonic Scaler.Buy from Easyinsmile, you pay 10-70% less than the price on other sites and the orders will be shipped to your door for free. And if you have any questions we promise we will have your answer within six hours.

1. Best Price
Shop with us and expect to pay 10-70% less than any other site (including eBay). If you do find a product for less on a competing website then tell us in the Easyinsmile forum and we will resolve to match it.

2. Wide Product Range
Easyinsmile has a wide range of category of dental products. Easyinsmile is always developing and adding products to its site to meet your demands.

3. Free Shipping
All orders at Easyinsmile will be shipped by airmail for free. Easyinsmile is always optimizing the shipping process to decrease the time needed for customers to receive their orders.

4.Assured Quality

Easyinsmile is dedicated to provide quality products to customers. The products must go through three standard quality control processes at our warehouse before they can be shipped. There is also a three month guarantee on most of the items on Easyinsmile.

5.World-Class Customer Service

At Easyinsmile there is a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. They can be reached through email, live chat, the official Easyinsmile forum.It doesnt matter which way you get in contact with Easyinsmile, you will get a response within six hours.

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Products Easyinsmile (HK) business Co. in the DentalCatalog
3.5 X binoculars loupes Dental Optical Glasses 420mm with LED Head Light White Color
35k rpm Marathon N3 Handpiece Polishing Dental Lab Motor
6 PCS Dental Orthodontic Spool Elastic Power Chains assorted color Closed Short Long
A2T Amdent 39 Multifunction Scaler tip fit with Amdent Ultrasonic scaler
Dental Impression Mixing Tips 50 pcs Teal 6.5 mm 1 to 1 Ratio
Dental Impression Mixing tips 50 PCS yellow 4.2 MM 1 to 1 ratio
Easyinsmile 2 Packs of 20 orthodontic tooth color Archwire dental Ovoid Round size 0.20
Easyinsmile Dual-Purpose Multi-Functional X-ray film reader and Intraoral camera CAM.S4 Wireless
Easyinsmile KS10 New Portable dentists teeth whitening unit
Easyinsmile New Dental Portable mobile X-ray machine system with digital
Easyinsmile S2 2.5 mini-LCD portable software-free dental intra oral camera with microSD card
ESWS EMS Woodpecker Dental scaling Tip standard Kit Silver G1 G2 G4 P1 P3 E1
GC1 KAVO 10 Multifuction piezo scaling tip fit with KAVO Ultrasonic scale
GK1T KAVO perio scaling tip for dental air scaler Golden
New Easyinsmile P4 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Detachable Handpiece Compatible with EMS
NSK PANA-MAX NSK Handpiece Pushbutton High speed Handpiece 2 Hol
One box of 6 Pcs Protaper Universal NiTi Large Tapered Rotary File
Wireless Cordless Dental Curing Light Lamp Y1 5W lamp with 1400 MW powe
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Distributors Easyinsmile (HK) business Co.
Type of business Easyinsmile (HK) business Co.
Association or NGO Yes
CAD/CAM Milling/Scan-Centre Yes
Distributor / Depot Yes
Education, medical Center, college or University Yes
Exhibition&conference Yes
Exporter Yes
Importer Yes
insurance and finance Yes
Interior designer Yes
jobs and recruitment Yes
Manufacturer Yes
Media Service Yes
other Yes
Publisher Yes
Subsidiary Yes
Wholesaler Yes
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