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Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd

Internet (WWW)
Contact person keven
Address No.273,Xique Road,Liwan District,Guangzhou city,China
Postalcode 510370
City guangzhou
State guangdong
Country China
Telephone 86-020-81802792
Fax 86-020-81802792
Second email

About Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd

Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd located at internationalized city -GuangZhou,specialized for dental equipmet Research and Development, production, sales. prime products:dental unit,dental chair,LED curing light,autoclave,teeth whitening machine,apex locator,dental X-ray unit,intraoral camera,air compressor,ultrasonic scaler,dental surgical instruments,dental material,orthodontics brackets,Committed to provide our clients with dental -stop shopping.
We deeply appreciate the product quality and service quality is the first life,Has established a perfect quality management system,Products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe , South Asia , Southeast Asia , South America , Africa.
We have a professional marketing and after-sales service team,Strive for the first time the customer to give feedback.Rely on the professional technology , reliable quality , reasonable price,Attentive service,Provide our clients with the necessary products, we hope to create a win-win situation , with the vast number of merchants and business negotiations .

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Products Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd in the DentalCatalog
AD-0102 Dental burs
AD-0102 Dental burs
AD-A101 dental unit
AD-A101T dental unit
AD-A102 dental chair
AD-A102T dental unit
AD-A103 Dental unit
AD-A104 dental unit
AD-A104T dental unit
AD-A105 dental chair
AD-A106 dental unit
AD-A107 dental unit
AD-A108 Dental Chair
AD-A108T dental chair
AD-A109 dental chair unit
AD-A110 dental unit chair
AD-A111 Dental Unit
AD-B101 curing light|china curing light|curing light manufacturers
AD-B101 dental curing light|china dental curing light|dental curing light manufacturers
AD-B101 LED curing light|china LED curing light|LED curing light manufacturers
AD-B101 LED light cure|china LED light cure|LED light cure manufacturers
AD-B101 LED light cure|china LED light cure|LED light cure manufacturers
AD-B101 light cure|china light cure|light cure manufacturers
AD-B102 LED curing light with pedestal
AD-B103 LED curing light wireless
AD-B104 LED curing light plug in
AD-B105 LED curing light|china LED curing light|LED curing light manufacturers
AD-B106 dental curing light|china dental curing light|dental curing light manufacturers
AD-B107 Halogen Curing Light
AD-B108 Curing Light gun type
AD-B109 Plastic LED curing light
AD-B110 light curing|china light curing|light curing manufacturers
AD-B111 Dental Curing Light Led Teeth Cure Lamp Wireless
AD-B201 LED curing light Battery
AD-B202 Led Curing Light Guide 13.5
AD-B203 Led Curing Light Guide
AD-B204 Led Curing Light Guide
AD-C101 Class B autoclave,vacuum autoclave,Class N autoclave
AD-C101 Steam sterilizer,Automatic autoclave,Dental autoclave
AD-C102 Class B autoclave,Vacuum autoclave,Steam sterilizer
AD-C103 Laboratory autoclave,Hospital autoclave
AD-C104 Dental autoclave,Medical autoclave,Laboratory autoclave
AD-C105 Autoclave,Horizontal autoclave,High pressure autoclave
AD-C106 Dental autoclave,Medical autoclave,Laboratory autoclave
AD-C107 Dental autoclave,Medical autoclave,Laboratory autoclave
AD-C108 Table top autoclave,Autoclave,Endosocpe autoclave
AD-C109 Dental handpiece autoclave
AD-C201 Water Distiller
AD-C201A Sealing machine
AD-C202 Sealing machine
AD-C203 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner
AD-C204 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner
AD-C205 china Ultrasonic Cleaner
AD-C206 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner
AD-C207 Ultrasonic Cleaner
AD-C208 Sterilization Bags
AD-D101 Teeth Whitening Machine
AD-D102 Teeth Bleaching Machine
AD-D103 Teeth Whitening Unit
AD-D104 Teeth Whitening Machine
AD-D105 Teeth Whitening kit
AD-D106 Vita Classic Shade Guide 16 Colors
AD-D107 Teeth Whitening Strips
AD-D108 Cheek Retractor
AD-D108 Mouth Opene
AD-D109 VITA Shade Guide
AD-D110 Shade Guide
AD-D111 Eye Protection Goggles
AD-D112 Teeth Whitening Mini LED Light
AD-D113 Teeth Whitening Pen
AD-D114 Teeth Whitening GelTeeth Whitening Gel,China Teeth Whitening Gel,Teeth Whitening Gel Manufacturers
AD-D115 Teeth Whitening kit
AD-D116 Remineralization Gel
AD-D119 Teeth Whitening Strips
AD-D120 Boil and Bite Thermoplastic Mouth Tray
AD-D121 3ml Dental Dame,Gum Barrier
AD-D301 Teeth Whitening Machine
AD-D302 LED curing light with teeth whitening
AD-E101 screw type high-speed handpiece
AD-E1010 Standard push-button cartridge
AD-E102 high-speed handpiece
AD-E103 Dental Handpiece
AD-E104 torque head push-button type high speed dental handpiece
AD-E105 push button handpiece with quick coupling
AD-E106 Dental Handpieces
AD-E107 Triple Water Spray Dental Turbine Handpiece
AD-E108 45 degree handpiece
AD-E109 Led Dental Handpiece
AD-E109 LED High Speed Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece
AD-E109 LED High Speed Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece
AD-E109C 6 hole fiber optic colorful handpiece
AD-E110A LED Dental Handpiece
AD-E110B LED Self-generating Handpiece
AD-E110C Kavo LED Dental Handpiece
AD-E110D LED Self-generating High Speed Dental Handpiece
AD-E111 Shining Colorful handpiece
AD-E112 New shining colorful high speed handpiece
AD-E113 colorful Dental Handpiece
AD-E114 Color Air Turbine
AD-E116 Disposable dental handpiece with LED light
AD-E118 NSK Dental Handpieces
AD-E119 NSK PANA MAX Handpiece
AD-E120 Complete Set Handpiece
AD-E201 Low Speed Dental Handpiece
AD-E202 Low Speed Dental Straight Handpiece
AD-E203 Contra angle
AD-E204 Low Speed Dental Air Motor
AD-E205 NSK low-speed dental handpiece (EX-203C)
AD-E206 NSK Straight Handpiece
AD-E207 Nsk Contra angle
AD-E208 NSK Air Motor
AD-E301 Push-Button Low Speed Dental Handpiece
AD-E302 Push Button Contra Angle
AD-E303 Variable-speed drive low-speed handpiece
AD-E304 Variable-speed contra angle
AD-E305 Variable-speed contra angle
AD-E401 Low Speed Handpiece II
AD-E402 Straight Handpiece
AD-E403 Contra angle
AD-E404 Air Motor
AD-E501 Dental Handpiece Oiling Cleaning Machine
AD-E502 Handpiece Lubricant Oil
AD-E503 dental handpiece oil
AD-E504 Handpiece clean Oil
AD-E505 Dental Handpiece Repair Kit
AD-E506 Fiber Optic Handpiece Tubes
AD-E507 Fiber control box for LED handpiece
AD-E508 Miniture Screw Cartridge
AD-E509 NSK Cartridge
AD-E511 NSK Type Cartridge,Screw Cartridge
AD-E512 Torque push-button cartridge
AD-E513 Torque push-button type cartridge
AD-E514 Push-button exposed cartridge
AD-E515 NSK Standard Pana Max cartridge
AD-E516 NSK Torque Pana-Max cartridge
AD-E517 NSK Handpiece bearing
AD-E518 Handpiece Bearing
AD-E519 Disposable Handpiece Quick Connector
AD-E520 quick coupling with electricity
AD-E521 Adaptor(2-4holes)
AD-E522 Adaptor(4-2holes)
AD-E523 shaft of contra angle
AD-E524 Cartridge of Contra Angle
AD-E525 Head Cover Of Contra Angle
AD-E801 Disposable Dental Handpiece
AD-F101 Dental X-ray unit
AD-F102 Dental X-ray machine
AD-F103 Dental X-ray
AD-F104 Dental X-ray unit
AD-F105 Portable Dental X-ray Unit
AD-F106 X-ray Film Processor
AD-F107 Dental X-ray film reader
AD-F108 X-ray film reader
AD-F109 X-ray film processing box
AD-F110 X-ray film developing box
AD-G101 Dental Intraoral Cameras
AD-G102 Intraoral Camera USB+VGA
AD-G103 Wireless Intra Oral Camera
AD-G104 Wireless Intraoral Camera
AD-G105 12" White LCD Monitor
AD-G106 Dental Camera LCD Monitor Holder
AD-G107 Dental Camera LCD Monitor Bracket
AD-G108 Dental Camera LCD Monitor Brackets
AD-G109 Intra Oral Camera
AD-G110 Intra-Oral Camera
AD-G111 Intraoral Camera
AD-G112 Dental Intraoral Camera
AD-G113 Dental Camera with SD card
AD-G114 Dental Digital Cameras
AD-G114 Dental Digital Cameras
AD-G115 Dental Camera With LCD
AD-G116 intraoral photography
AD-G117 Camera Dental
AD-H101 Apex Locator
AD-H102 Dental Endodontics
AD-H103 Endodontic Apex Locator
AD-H104 Root-Canal Treatment
AD-H105 Endodontic Treatment
AD-H106 Endodontic Treatment
AD-H107 Obturation system
AD-H108 Dental Implant System
AD-H109 Pulp Tester
AD-I101 Dental Micro Motor
AD-I102 Dental Micro Motor
AD-I103 Micro Motor
AD-I104 Dental MicroMotor
AD-I105 Dental Micro Motor E Type
AD-I106 Dental Micromotor
AD-I107 Pindex System
AD-I108 Electronic Heater
AD-I109 Electrolytic Polishing Machine
AD-I110 Milling Machine with Handpiece
AD-I111 Denture Injection System
AD-I112 Denture Injection System
AD-I113 High Speed Grinder
AD-I114 Automatic Programmable Vacuum Porcelain Furnace
AD-I115 Automatic Programmable Vacuum Porcelain Furnace
AD-I116 Casting Machine
AD-I117 Burnout Furnace
AD-I118 Furnace For Zirconia
AD-I119 Inner Grinder
AD-I120 Model Trimmer
AD-I121 Plaster Model Vibrator
AD-I122 Pin Planter
AD-I123Sandblasting Machine
AD-I124 Hydraulic Presser
AD-I125 Amalgamator
AD-I126 Amalgamator
AD-I127 Vacuum Forming Machine
AD-I128 Articulator
AD-I129 Articulator
AD-I130 Magnetic Articulator
AD-I131 Copper Articulator
AD-I132 Plaster Saws
AD-I133 Saw Blades
AD-I134 Bunsen Burner
AD-I135 Micro Torch
AD-I136 Duplicating Flask
AD-I137 Magnetic Articulator
AD-I139 Technical tools bag
AD-I140 Brass denture flask
AD-I141 Micro Motor handpiece
AD-I142 Micro Motor handpiece
AD-I143 Automatic Programmable Vacuum Porcelain Furnace
AD-J101 Dental Air compressor
AD-J102 Silent Oilless Air Compressor
AD-J103 Silent Air Compressor
AD-J104 Dental Compressor
AD-J201 24V solenoid valve
AD-J202 220V solenoid valve
AD-J203 Safety valve
AD-J204 Ball Valves
AD-K101 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-J
AD-K102 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-B
AD-K103 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-A
AD-K104 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-N2
AD-K105 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner D1
AD-K106 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner D5
AD-K107 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner D7
AD-K108 Tips for ultrasonic scaler
AD-K109 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner D3
AD-K110 Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece 4#
AD-K111 Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece 3#
AD-K112 Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece 2#
AD-K113 Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece 1#
AD-K114 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-P
AD-K115 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-N3
AD-K116 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-N1
AD-K117 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-M
AD-K118 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-L
AD-K119 Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-K
AD-K120 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Woodpecker UDS-G
AD-K121 Ultrasonic scaler UDS-E
AD-K201 Ultrasonic Piezosurgery Woodpecker Ultrasurgery
AD-L101 Dental Air Prophy
AD-L102 Air Polisher Unit,Air Prophy Mate
AD-L104 Color 3 Way Syringe
AD-L105 Dental Air scaler
AD-L106 Dental Polishing Powder
AD-L106 Lemon Dental Air Prophy powder
AD-L107 Nozzles for 3-Way Syringe
AD-M101 Dental Air Turbine System
AD-M102 Portalbe dental unit
AD-M103 Portalbe dental unit
AD-M104 Suction unit
AD-M104 Suction unit
AD-N1001 Bone curettes
AD-N1002 Bone curettes
AD-N101 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N102 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N103 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N104 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N105 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N106 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N107 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N108 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N109 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N110 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N1101 Dental Curettes
AD-N1102 Dental Curettes
AD-N111 Extraction Forcep,Dental Forcep,Tooth Extracting Forceps
AD-N112 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Adult
AD-N113 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Adult
AD-N114 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Adult
AD-N115 Dental Forceps
AD-N116 Extraction Forceps
AD-N117 Extraction Forceps
AD-N118 Extraction Forceps
AD-N1201 Dental Scalers
AD-N1202 Dental Scalers
AD-N1301 Gum knife
AD-N1401 Dental Burnishers
AD-N1501 Amalgam carvers
AD-N1601 Amalgam pluggers
AD-N201 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N202 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N203 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N204 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N205 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N206 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N207 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N208 Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children
AD-N301 Dental Elevators
AD-N302 Dental Elevators
AD-N303 Dental Elevators
AD-N307 Root Elevators
AD-N308 Root Elevators
AD-N309 Root Elevators
AD-N310 Root elevators type T
AD-N401 Impression tray
AD-N402 Agar impression syringes
AD-N403 Aspirating syringes
AD-N501 Bone chisels
AD-N502 Bone chisels
AD-N503 Bone chisels
AD-N504 Bone chisels
AD-N601 Mouth mirrors
AD-N602 mouth mirror holder
AD-N603 Tweezers
AD-N604 Dental Explorer
AD-N605 Dental Cement spatulas
AD-N606 Dental Cement spatulas
AD-N607 Dental Cement spatulas
AD-N608 Dental Cement spatulas
AD-N609 Cement spatulas For composite
AD-N610 Cement spatulas For composite
AD-N701 Root-canal pluggers
AD-N702 Root-canal pluggers
AD-N703 Root-canal pluggers
AD-N704 Root-canal pluggers
AD-N801 Wax carvers
AD-N802 Wax carvers
AD-N803 Wax carvers
AD-N804 scalpel handle
AD-N805 Cement pluggers
AD-N806 Cement pluggers
AD-N807 Cement pluggers
AD-N901 Dental Excavators
AD-N902 Dental Excavators
AD-N903 Dental Excavators
AD-N904 Dental Excavators
AD-N905 Dental Excavators
AD-N906 Dental Excavators
AD-O101 Diamond Burs
AD-O101 Diamond Burs
AD-O103 Diamond burs Suit
AD-O103 Diamond burs Suit
AD-O104 K-files
AD-O104 K-filesK-files,China K-files,K-files Manufacturers
AD-O105 H-files
AD-O105 H-files
AD-O106 Endo Reamers
AD-O106 Endo Reamers
AD-O107 Finger Pluggers and Spreaders
AD-O107 Finger Pluggers and Spreaders
AD-O108 Dental Endo Peeso Reamers
AD-O108 Dental Endo Peeso Reamers
AD-O109 Dental Paste Carriers
AD-O109 Dental Paste Carriers
AD-O110 Gates Drills
AD-O110 Gates Drills
AD-O111 Prophy Brushes
AD-O111 Prophy Brushes
AD-O112 Prophy Cups
AD-P101 Orthodonic Bracket
AD-P102 Dental Brackets
AD-P103 Orthodonic Roth Bracket
AD-P104 Roth Dental Brackets
AD-P105 Dental odontic roth ceramic bracket
AD-P106 Orthodontic self ligating Brackets
AD-P107 Orthodontic bands
AD-P108 Dental molar band with Roth
AD-P109 Orthodontic buccal tube
AD-P110 Roth buccal tube
AD-P111 Dental Orthodontic Ligature Wire
AD-P112 Orthodontic niti arch wire
AD-P113 Dental Arch Wire
AD-P114 Dental Niti Spring
AD-P115 Dental orthodontic power chain
AD-P116 Orthodontic ligature tie
AD-P117 Orthodontic ligature gun
AD-P601 Orthodontic Non-Mixed Direct Bonding System
AD-Q101 Gutta Percha Points
AD-Q102 Absorbent Paper Points
AD-Q103 Matel Impression Tray
AD-Q104 Plastic Impression tray
AD-Q105 Disposable Dental Kit
AD-Q106 Micro Applicator
AD-Q107 Denture Box
AD-Q108 Denture Box
AD-Q109 Micro Applicator Dispenser
AD-Q110 Rubber gloves
AD-Q111 Safty Glasses for Dental
AD-Q112 Saliva Ejector
AD-Q113 Light Curing Glasses
AD-Q114 Flexible Mixing Bowl
AD-Q1141 Gutta-percha point
AD-Q115 Dental Dispenser Gun
AD-Q116 Cotton Roll Dispenser
AD-Q117 Dental Plaster
AD-Q118 Alginate impression material
AD-Q119 Dental impression material
AD-Q120 3M Z250 Light Cure Composite
AD-Q121 3m Z350 Light Cure Composite
AD-Q122 3M P60 Light Cure Composite
AD-Q123 Glass Lonomer Cements (Type I)
AD-Q124 Glass Ionomer Cement (Type II)
AD-Q125 Dental Wax
AD-Q126 Zinc-Oxide Eugenol Cement
AD-Q127 Synthetic Resin Teeth
AD-Q128 Denture Base Materials
AD-Q129 Artificial Teeth Resin
AD-Q130 Eugenol
AD-Q131 separating agent
AD-Q132 dental base material self-cure liquid
AD-Q133 Self-Curing Soft Liner material
AD-Q134 Zinc phosphate cement
AD-Q135 Polycarboxylate zinc cement
AD-Q136 Glass ionomer cement
AD-Q137 Amalgam Capsules
AD-Q138 articulating paper
AD-Q140 Absorbent paper point
AD-Q142 Cotton roll
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Distributors Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd
Type of business Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd
Association or NGO No
CAD/CAM Milling/Scan-Centre No
Distributor / Depot Yes
Education, medical Center, college or University No
Exhibition&conference No
Exporter No
Importer No
insurance and finance No
Interior designer No
jobs and recruitment No
Manufacturer Yes
Media Service No
other No
Publisher No
Subsidiary No
Wholesaler Yes
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