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Adas Instruments

Internet (WWW)
Contact person Adnan Rauf
Address New Town po chitti shahkan
Postalcode 51310
City Sialkot
State punjab
Country Pakistan
Telephone +92-321-612-6225
Second email

About Adas Instruments

ADAS INSTRUMENTS is a manufacturer and exporter of Surgical Instruments our products are
Abbot Scalers
Abdominal Retractors Balfour-Baby
Abdominal Retractors Balfourf
Abdominal Retractors Beckmann-Eaton
Abdominal Retractors Colin
Abdominal Retractors Frazier
Abdominal Retractors Gelpi
Abdominal Retractors Goset
Abdominal Retractors Kirschner
Abdominal Retractors O’Sullivan-O’Connor
Abdominal Retractors Rigby
Adlerkreutz Tissue Forceps
Adson Baby Forceps Curved
Adson Baby Forceps Straight
Adson Bone Roungers Curved
Adson Elevators
Adson Forceps Curved
Adson Forceps Straight
Adson micro Tissue Forceps
Adson Nerve Retractors
Adson Straight
Adson Straight Bone Roungers
Adson Tissue Forceps
Adson-Brown Tissue Forceps
Aebli Scissors
Alexander Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Alexander Bone Chisels
Alexander Elevators
Allis Tissue Forceps
Allis-Adair Tissue Forceps
Alrt Wire Loops
Alvis Cataract Knives
Amalgam carriers
Amalgam carvers
Andrew Tongue Depressors
Apical Root Elevators
Archer Curved Splinter Forceps
Archer Straight Splinter Forceps
Arruga Capsular Forceps
Arruga Cataract Knives
Arruga Eye Specula
Arruga Iris
Auvard Speculum Retractors
Axenfeld Curettes
Ayer Charazion Forceps
B.P Handle
Babcock Intestinal Forceps
Backhaus Towel Forceps
Baggish Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Bainbridge Forceps Curved
Bainbridge Forceps Straight
Bake Gall Bladder
Bake Gall Bladder
Bake Uterine Curettes
Ball and Socket Towel Forceps
Ballenger Septum Elevators
Ballenger Septum Knives
Bangerter Sjpatulae
Barbar scissor
Barr Procotoscope
Barraquer Capsular Forceps
Barraquer Cataract Knives
Barraquer Eye Specula
Barraquer Scissors
Barret Tenaculum Forceps
Barrkan Cataract Knives
Barry Root Elevators
Barton Midwifery Forceps
Beacham Uterine Depressors
Beauty care instruments for sialkot
Becker Cataract Knives
BeeBee Scissors Curved
BeeBee Scissors Straight
Beeson Plaster Spreaders
Bein Root Elivator
Belluc Micro Ear Scissors
Bengolea Forceps Curved
Bengolea Forceps Straight
Bennett Elevators
Berens Cateract Knives
Bergmann Plaster Shears
Bergmann Scissors
Bernhard Towel Forceps
Berten Root Elevators
Beuse Curved Scissors
Beuse Straight Scissors
Beyer Bone Rongeurs
Beyer Septum Crushing Forceps
Biercher Bone Cutters
Billeau Ear Loops
Bircher-Genske Bone Holding Forceps
Blanks Gall Bladder
Blount Bone Cutters
Blumenthal Bone Rongeurs
Bodenhammers Procotoscopes
Boerma Midwifery Forceps
Boettcher Scissors
Bohler Bone Cutting Forceps Curved
Bohler Bone Cutting Forceps Straight
Bone Chisels
Bone Cutting Forceps
Bone Files
Bone Mellets
Bone Rongeurs
Bose Boucheron Ear Specula
Bowman Cataract Knives
Bowman Eye Specula
Bowman Probes
Bowmann Cataract Knives
Boyle-Davis Mouth Gags
Bozemann Dressing Forceps
Bozemann Dressing Forceps Curved
Bozemann Dressing Forceps Straight
Bozemann-Douglas Dressing Forceps
Braun Stadler Scissors
Braun Tenaculum Forceps
Braun Uterina Depressors
Breisky Speculum Retractors
Brodie Director
Brown Tissue Forceps
Bruenings Nasal Forceps
Bruenings Tongue Depressors
Brunetti Bone Chisels
Bruns Scissors Smooth
Bruns Scissors Toothed
Bryant Dressing Forceps
Buchwald Tongue Depressors
Buck Curettes Blunt
Buck Curettes Sharp
Buck Foreigh Body Levers
Bunge Curettes
Burch Cataract Knives
Burke Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Burns Bone Cutters
Busch Scissors
Carfoord Forceps
Carpenter Tonsils Retractors
Casteneda Rib Spreaders
Castroviejo Capsular Forceps
Castroviejo Cataract Knives
Castroviejo Dilators
Castroviejo Eye Specula
Castroviejo Fixation Forceps
Castroviejo Foreign Body Instruments
Castroviejo Ligature Forceps
Castroviejo Ligature Needle
Castroviejo Markers
Castroviejo Scissors
Castroviejo Scissors
Castroviejo Scissors Curved
Castroviejo Straight
Catheter Tray with Lid
Chalazion / Tapsal Cyst Wild
Chaput Forceps
Charriere Amputation
Cheatle Thermometer Jar
Cheron Dressing Forceps
Chevalier – Jackson
Childe Clips
Chirurgische instrumente
Cisorwachenfeldt Clips
Citelli Septum Crushing Forceps
Clarke Eye Specula
Clev Dent Bone Files
Cleveland Bone Rongeurs
Colclough Laminectomy Rongeurs
College Tweezes
Collier Pelvimeters
Collin – Duval Tissue Forceps
Collin Dressing Forceps
Collin Forceps
Collin Hammers
Collin Tongue Holding Forceps
Collin Umbilical Cord Clamp
Collin Uterine Polypus Forceps
Collin Uterine Sounds
Collin Vaginal Specula
Commedone Expressor D/E
Concrete products link exchange
Connin – Amsler Markers
Cooper Ligature Needles
Cos Micro Ears Forceps
Cottle – Kazanjian Bone Cutting Forceps
Cottle – Neivert
Cottle Black Nasal Specula
Cottle Nasal Knives
Cottle Nasal Specula
Cottle Rhinoplastic Chisels
Cottle Scissors
Cottle Septum Elevators
Coverse Nasal Knives
Crafoord Scissors
Crane Pick Root Elevators
Crile Forceps Curved
Crile Forceps Kocher Curved
Crile Forceps Kocher Straight
Crile Forceps Straight
Crile Rankin Curved
Crile Rankin Kocher Curved
Crile Rankin Kocher Straight
Crile Rankin Straight
Critchett Eye Specula
Crown removers
Cryer Root Elevator
Curette – Barker
Curette – Rhein Stater
Curette – Sims D/E Blunt
Curette – Sims D/E Sharp
Cusco Vaginal Specula
Cushing Laminectomy Rongeurs
Cushing Nerve Retractors
Cushing Tissue Forceps
Cuticle Scissor
Czern Procotoscopes
Dandy Forceps
Dandy Nerve Retractors
Dandy Scissors
Darby-Perry Scalars
Dartigues Uterine Polypus Forceps
Dastoor Markers
Daviel Curettes
Davis Cataract Knives
Davis Neurosurgery
De Bakey Scissors
De Vilbiss Neurosurgery
Dean Cataract Knives
Dean Scissors
DeLee Midwifery Forceps
Denhart Mouth Gags
Dental Mirrors
Dental surgical instrument
Dental Syringe
Deschamp Ligature Needles
Desjardin Forceps
Desjardin Gall Bladder
Desmarres Charlazion Forceps
Deutchmann Cataract Knives
Dewey Midwifery Forceps
Dieffebach Forceps Curved
Dieffebach Forceps Straight
Diemda Finger
Dieter Malleus Nippers
Dilators – Hager
Dilators – St. Marks
Dilators Individual
Dimeda Alu Tuning Fork
Dimeda Alu Tuning Fork Set
Dimeda Excenter Scissors
Dimeda Spatulas, Cotton Applicators
Dingmann Bone Holding Forceps
Dissecting Jar with Lid
Dissecting Scissors
Dissecting Scissors – Lexer Curved
Dissecting Scissors – Lexer Straight
Dissecting Scissors – Matzenbaum Curved
Dissecting Scissors – Matzenbaum Straight
Dix Cataract Knives
Dix Foreign Body Instruments
Doyen – Baby Intestinal Forceps
Doyen – Jansen (Molt) Mouth Gags
Doyen Adult Elevators
Doyen Child Elevators
Doyen Curved Scissors
Doyen Elevators
Doyen Intestinal Forceps
Doyen Myoma Screw
Doyen Probes
Doyen Speculum Retractors
Doyen Straight Scissors
Doyen Towel Forceps
Doyen Uterine Polypus Forceps
Dressing Scissors Blunt / Blunt
Dubois Curved Scissors
Dubois Straight Scissors
Duplay Tenaculum Forceps
Dupy – Weiss Tonsils Retractors
Duval Intestinal Forceps
Duval Tissue Forceps
Elliot Midwifery Forceps
Ellis Cataract Knives
Elsching Capsular Forceps
Elsching Cataract Knives
Elsching Fixation Forceps
Elsching Foreign Body Instruments
Emmet Fistula Hooks
Engel Plaster Shears
Eppendorfery Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Esmarch Plaster Breakers
Esmarch Scissors
Extracting Forceps
Farabeuf – Lambotte Bone Holding Forceps
Farabeuf Bone Cutting Forceps
Farabeuf Elevators
Farrel Spatulas, Cotton Applicators
Faure Biopsy Forceps
Faure Forceps
Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps
Female Urinal
Fergusson Bone Cutting Forceps
Fergusson Forceps
Fergusson Gall Bladder
Ferris – Smith – Kerrison Laminectomy Rongeurs
Ferris – Smith Laminectomy Rongeurs
Ferris – Smith Tissue Forceps
Filling instruments
Finochieto Bronchus Forceps
Finochietto – Burford Rib Spreaders
Finochietto Rib Spreaders
Fishing equipments
Fishing instruments
Fishing nets
Fishing Pliers
Flohr Root Elevators
Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps Curved
Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps Straight
Fomon Rhinoplastic Chisels
Fomon Scissors
Forceps Dressing Bryant
Forceps Dunhills
Forceps Epilation Angled Tip
Forceps Epilation Rounded Tip
Forceps Halstead Mosquito
Forceps Kochers Toothed
Forceps Sinus Lister
Forceps Spencer Wells
Forceps Splinter, Arthur
Forceps Tissue, Allis
Forceps Towel, Bauchaus
Foregger – Miller Blade
Foregger – Miller Handle
Francis Cataract Knives
Freer Bone Files
Freer Nasal Knives
Freer Septum Elevators
Frenzel Tongue Depressors
Friedman Bone Rongeurs
Friedman Mini Bone Rongeurs
Friedman Speculum Retractors
Frykholm Bone Rongeurs
Fuchs Capsular Forceps
Fur Kinder
Fur Molaren
Fur Pramolaren
Galabin Uterine Sound
Gallhorn Biopsy Forceps
Gauss Forceps
Gemini Forceps
Gemini Mini Forceps
Genelli Rhinoplastic Chisels
Gerald Tissue Forceps
Gergoz Bone Hammers
Gerster Bone Holders
Gigli Neurosurgery
Gill – Arruga Capsular Forceps
Gill Cataract Knives
Gillies Tissue Forceps
Gluck Rib Shears
Goldstein Eye Spatula
Good Scissors
Gouges Bone Chisels
Gracey Curettes
Graefe Cataract Knives
Graefe Fixation Forceps
Graefer Curettes
Graham Nerve Retractors
Graves Viginal Specula
Gray Forceps
Green Capsular Forceps
Green Cataract Knives
Green Umbilical Cord Clamp
Greffe Tissue Forceps
Gross – Maier Dressing Forceps Curved
Gross – Maier Dressing Forceps Straight
Gross Ear Sponge
Gruber Ear Specula
Gum Scissors
Guton – Lundsgaard Cataract Knives
Guyon Dilator
Guyon Forceps
Haemorrhoid Forceps
Haemorrhoid Ligator
Haganbarh Clips
Hager Uterine Dilators
Haglund – Stille Plaster Spreaders
Haight Rib Spreaders
Hajek – Ballenger Septum Elevators
Hajek – Claus Septum Crushing Forceps
Hajek – Kofler Septum Crushing Forceps
Halle Bone Cutters
Halsted – Mosquito Curved
Halsted – Mosquito micro Curved
Halsted – Mosquito micro Straight
Halsted – Mosquito Straight
Hank Uterine Dilators
Hanke Tonsil Retractors
Harrington Bronchus Forceps
Hartmann – Halle Nasal Spacula
Hartmann – Hoffmann Foreign Body Levers
Hartmann – Needle
Hartmann Crocodile Biopsy
Hartmann Crocodile Plain Jaw
Hartmann Crocodile Spoon Jaw
Hartmann Crocodile1x2 Teeth
Hartmann Ear Forceps
Hartmann Ear Spatula
Hartmann Forceps Curved
Hartmann Forceps Straight
Hartmann Foreign Body Levers
Hartmann Nasal Forceps
Hartmann Tongue Depressors
Hartmann Tuning Fork
Hartmann Tuning Fork Set
Haugh Micro Ears Forceps
Heany Forceps
Heath Scissors
Hebra Curettes
Heiss Forceps
Hemingway Bone Curette
Henning Plaster Spreaders
Herrick Forceps
Hess Capsular Forceps
Heyman – Knight Nasal Forceps
Heymann Nasal Forceps
Heymann Scissors
Heywood – Smith Biopsy Forceps
Hibbs Bone Chisels
Hibbs Bone Chisels Curved
Hibbs Bone Chisels Straight
Hirschmann Procotoscopes
Hofer Tonsil Retractors
Hohmann – Mini Bone Rongeurs
Hohmann Bone Levers
Hohmann Bone Rongeurs
Hoke Bone Chisels
Hollow Ware
Holth Markers
Hook Bowman Eye
Hook Double Blunt
Hook Double Sharp
Hook Gillies Skin
Hook Single Sharp
Hopkins Plaster Breakers
Hospital equipments
Hospital furniture
Hunter Splinter Forceps
Hurd Tonsils Retractors
Impression Trays
Instruments Tray
Instruments Tray with Lid
Iris Culler
Iris Forceps Barraquer
Iris Forceps Barraquer – Katzin
Iris Forceps Berke
Iris Forceps Bishop – Harman
Iris Forceps Bonaccolto
Iris Forceps Dastoor
Iris Forceps Fischer
Iris Forceps Foerster
Iris Forceps Gill
Iris Forceps Gill – Hess
Iris Forceps Graefe
Iris Forceps Hess
Iris Forceps Jameson
Iris Forceps Kirby – Arthur
Iris Forceps McCullough
Iris Forceps Mod – Bonn
Iris Forceps Prince
Iris Forceps Stevens
Iris Forceps Troutman
Iris Forceps Tubingen
Iris Scissors
Iris Weckers
Iris Wells
Itard – Needles
Iucd Removal Hook
Iucd Set Cusco Veginal Sepculum
Iucd Set Galabin Uterine Sound
Iucd Set Iucd Removal Hook
Iucd Set Luer Vusellum Forceps
Iucd Set Rampley Sponge Forceps
Iucd Set Sepncer Wells Artery Forceps
Iucd Set Sims Uterine Scissors
Ives Fansler Procotoscopes
Jackson Speculum Retractors
Jackson Tubes
Jacobs Vulsellum Forceps Curved
Jacobs Vulsellum Forceps Straight
Jaeger Cararact Knives
Jaeger Lid Plate
Jameson Cataract Knives
Jansen Nasal Forceps
Jarcho Tenacullum Forceps
Jobson – Horne Probes
Jobson – Horne Spatulas, Cotton Applicators
Johns – Hopkins Forceps
Johns Hopkins
Jones – Clip Towel Forceps
Jones Towel Forceps
Joseph Nasal Knives
Joseph Nasal Knives Blunt
Joseph Nasal Knives Pointed
Joseph Septum Elevators
Judd – Allis Tissue Forceps
Judd Masson Bladder Retractors Spreader
Juers Micro Ear Forceps
Juersskg Micro Ear Forceps
Kallmorgen Speculum Retractors
Kalt Capsualr Forceps
Kane Umbilical Cord Clamp
Keilland – Luikart Midwifery Forceps
Kelly Forceps Curved
Kelly Forceps Straight
Kelly Procotoscopes
Kelly Retractors
Kelly Scissors
Kelly Uterine Polypus Forceps
Kern Bone Holding Forceps
Kerrison Septum Crushing forceps
Kevorkian Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Kevorkian Uterine Biopsy Aspirating Curettes
Key Elevators
Kidney Dish
Kidney Dish with Lid
Kielland Midwiferry Forceps
Killian Nasal Spatula
Killian Nasal with Screw
Killian Tubes
Killina Septum Elevators
Kirk Hammers
Klinikum Berlin Tubing Clamp
Klinken Bergh – Loth Scissors
Knapp Cataract Knives
Knapp Curettes
Knight Nasal Forceps
Knowles Scissors
Kocher Bladder Retractors Spreaders
Kocher Forceps Curved
Kocher Forceps Straight
Kocher Intestinal Forceps
Kogan Speculum Retractors
Krause Ear Snares
Krause Snares
Kristeller Speculum Retractors
Kronecker Ligature Needles
Kuhnt Cataract Knives
La – Borde
La – Force Cataract Knives
Lab equipments
Laboratory equipments
Laboratory instruments
Lahey Forceps
Lahey Goitre Forceps
Lambert Chalazion Forceps
Lambotte – Mini Bone Chisels
Lambotte Bone Chisels
Lambotte Bone Holding Forceps
Lambotte Elevators
Lancaster Eye Spatula
Landau Speculum Retractors
Lane Bone Holding Forceps
Lane Plate Bender
Lane Plate Holding Forceps
Lane Screw Driver
Lane Screw Grinding Forceps
Lane Tissue Forceps
Lane Towel Forceps
Lang Curettes
Langenbeck Amputation
Langenbeck Bone Cutting Forceps
Langenbeck Elevators
Larangoscope Handle Only
Larangoscope Set
Larangoscope Spear Blades
Laucer Ear Dressing Forceps
Lawrence Forceps
Lebsche Bone Chisels
Legue Bladder Retractors Spreaders
Lempert Bone Cutters
Lempert Bone Rongeurs Curved
Lempert Bone Rongeurs Straight
Leriche Forceps Curved
Leriche Forceps Straight
Leriche Tissue Forceps
Lester Fixation Forceps
Levinson Cataract Knives
Lewin Bone Holding Forceps
Lichtwitz Tubes
Lid for Kidney Dish
Lister – Burch Eye Spatula
Lister ( Sinus ) Dressing Forceps
Lister Bandage Scissors
Lister Scissors
Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
Littauer Ear Forceps
Littauer Nasal Forceps
Littauer Scissors
Littauer Stitch Scissors
Lorenz Scissors
Lorna Towel Forceps
Lotion Bowl
Love – Gruenwald Laminectomy Rongeurs
Love Nerve Retractors
Love Tonsils Retractors
Lovelace Forceps
Lovelace Lung Grasping Forceps
Lowa Vulsellum Forceps
Lower Forceps
Lowman Bone Holders
Luace Hammers
Luace Tuning Forks
Lubet – Barbon Nasal Forceps
Luc Nasal Forceps
Luer Bone Rongeurs
Luer Tubes
Luer Vulsellum Forceps
Luikart – Bill Midwifery Forceps
Luikart Midwifery Forceps
Luksell – Stille Bone Rongeurs
Lundsgaard Cataract Knives
Lung Forceps
Luniatschek Tonsil Retractors
Magill Adult Forceps
Magill Catheter Introducing (Adult)
Magill Child Forceps
Magill Forceps
Male Urinal
Maltz – Cottle
Manicure Instruments
Martel Forceps
Martel Neurosurgery
Martin Bone Curette
Martin Bone Holding Forceps
Martin Goitre Forceps
Martin Pelvinetors
Martin Uterine Sounds
Mathieu Procotoscopes
Matson Alexand Elevators
Matson Elevators
Mayhoefer Curettes
Mayo – Guyon Forceps
Mayo – Hegar
Mayo Blake Gall Bladder
Mayo Gall Bladder
Mayo Kidney Forceps
Mayo Robson Intestinal Forceps
Mayo Scissors
McDonald Dissector
McDonald Elevators
McGee Micro Ear Forceps
McGuire Scissors
McIndoe Scissors
McIndoe Tissue Forceps
McIntosh (Cold Light)
McIntosh Blades
McIntosh Handles
McKenty Septum Knives
McLean – Tucker Luikart Midwifery Forceps
McLean – Tucker Midwifery Forceps
McLean Midwifery Forceps
McPherson Ligature Forceps
Mead Bone Files
Mead Bone Rongeurs
Mead Hammers
Mead Root Elevators
Measure Jug
Measuring Jug
Medical Devices
Medical equipments
Medical instruments
Meeker Forceps
Mellinger – Axenfeld Eye Spatula
Mellinger Eye Spatula
Metal Syringe Nozzles
Metzenbaum Scissors
Michel Forceps
Michel Nasal Spatula
Micro Ear Forceps
Micro Ear Scissors
Microsurgery Forceps
Middleton – Jason Septum Crushing Forceps
Mikulicz Forceps
Millan Grasping Forceps
Miller Bone Files
Miller Root Elevators
Miller Root Elevators
Milligan Neurosurgery
Mit 2 Loctrerthe
Mit Einet Loctrerthe
Mixter – O’ Shaugnessy Forceps
Mixter Forceps
Mixter Gall Bladder
Mixture – Baby Forceps
Mixture Forceps
Mod. Tubingen Ligature Forceps
Mod. Wien Nasal Spatula
Modeling Carvers
Molarenwurzeln Oben
Molt Bone Files
Moore Gall Bladder
Moorfield Ligature Forceps
Mosher Tubes
Mouth & Tongue Retractors
Moyniham Gall Bladder
Moynihan Forceps
Moynihan Towel Forceps
Murdock Eye Spatula
Murray – Lane Elevators
Museux Vulsellum Forceps
Naegele Midwifery Forceps
Nager Tonsil Retractors
Nail Clippers Scissors
Nail Scissors
Nasal Scissors
Needle Gabriel Syringe
Needle Holder – Adson
Needle Holder – Arruga
Needle Holder – Barraquer
Needle Holder – Baumgartner
Needle Holder – Boynton
Needle Holder – Castoviejo
Needle Holder – Castroviejo
Needle Holder – Collier
Needle Holder – Crile
Needle Holder – Crile – Murray
Needle Holder – Crile – Wood
Needle Holder – Crile Wood
Needle Holder – Dere
Needle Holder – Derf
Needle Holder – Gillies
Needle Holder – Gillies Combined
Needle Holder – Halsey
Needle Holder – Heaney
Needle Holder – Jamison
Needle Holder – Johnson
Needle Holder – Kalt
Needle Holder – Kalt – Arruga
Needle Holder – Kilner
Needle Holder – Masson
Needle Holder – Mathieu
Needle Holder – Mayo – Heger
Needle Holder – Mayo Hagar
Needle Holder – Metzenbaum
Needle Holder – Neivert
Needle Holder – Olesn - Hegar
Needle Holder – Sarot
Needle Holder – Stevens
Needle Holder – Stratte
Needle Holder – Toennis
Needle Holder – Wangensteen
Neff Amputation
Nelson Tissue Forceps
Nelson Tissue Forceps
Neuro – Curettle
Neuro – Curettle
Noots Ear Tank Aluminum
Northbent Scissors
Noto Uterine Polypus Forceps
Novak Uterine Biopsy Aspirating Curettes
Noyes Nasal Forceps
Noyes Scissors
Nurse’s Scissors with Clip
O’Connor Cataract Knives
Obera Dritte
Obera Dritte Molaren
Obera Dritte Molaren Links
Obera Dritte, Links
Obera Molaren
Obera Molaren Rec – TS Upper Molars
Obera Molaren Rechts
Obera Molaren, Links
Obera Molaren, Rechts
Obera Pramolaren
Obera Schnedezahne
Obera Schneide – U – Eckzahne
Obera Schneide – U – Pramolaren
Obera Schneide – U Paramolaren
Obera Schneide – Uec Zahne
Obera Schneide – Und – Eckzahne
Obera Schneide Und Eckzahne
Obera Schneidezahne
Obera Schneidezahne und Wurzeln
Obera Und Untere Dirtte Molaren
Obera Und Untere Wurzeln
Obera Volaren Links
Obera Wurzeln
Obera Zahne Fur Kinder
Obera Zahne Und Resektion
Ochsner Gall Bladder
Ohl Bone Files
Oldberg Laminectomy Rongeurs
Olivecrona Bone Rongeurs
Olivecrona Neurosurgery
Operating Scissors
Operating Scissors – Deaver Curved
Operating Scissors – Deaver Straight
Operating Scissors – Joseph Straight
Operating Scissors – Joshph Curved
Operating Scissors – Kilner
Operating Scissors – Mayo Curved
Operating Scissors – Mayo Straight
Operating Scissors – Metzenbaum
Operating Scissors – Raynolds Curved
Operating Scissors – Raynolds Straight
Operating Scissors – Sanvendero Curved
Operating Scissors – Sanvendero Straight
Operating Scissors – Sharp / Sharp
Operating Scissors Blunt / Blunt
Operating Scissors Blunt / Sharp
Ostrotomes Bone Chisels
Overhold – Geissenolderfer Forceps
Overholt Elevators
Park Eye Spatula
Partsch Bone Chisels
Paton Cataract Knives
Paufique Cataract Knives
Paufique Ligature Forceps
Payr – Baby Intestinal Forceps
Payr Intestinal Forceps
Pean Forceps
Pederson Vaginal Forceps
Peet Splinter Forceps
Pelkmann Dressing Forceps
Pennington Forceps
Percussion Hammers Babinsky
Percussion Hammers Berliner
Percussion Hammers Buck
Percussion Hammers Dejerine with pin
Percussion Hammers Dejerine without pin
Percussion Hammers Taylor
Percussion Hammers Traube
Percussion Hammers Troemner
Percussion Hammers Wartenberg
Percussors – Babinski, Black Plastic Handle
Percussors – Queens Plastic Handle
Percussors – Queens, Telescopic
Percussors – Taylor
Percussors – Two Rubber Heads
Percussors – Vernon Ball Head
Percussors – Vernon Disk Head
Percy Amputation
Perfection Bedpan with Handle
Perfection Bedpan without Handle
PessoPedicure Instruments
Peters / Seigel Aural
Phaneuf Forceps
Piper Midwifery Forceps
Plastic Filling Instruments
Pocket Scissors
Politzer Ear Knives
Poole Suction Tube
Post Mortem Bone Chisels
Pott Root Elevators
Potts – De Martel Scissors
Potts – Smith Scissors
Potts – Smith Thumb Tissue Forceps
Pour Enfatnst
Pratt Cystic Hooks
Pratt Forceps
Pratt Procotoscopes
Pratt Vulsellum Forceps
Price – Thomas Bronchus Forceps
Prince Scissors
Probe with Eye
Probes and Explorers
Proctol – Battery Handle
Proctol – Gabriel Adult
Proctol – Gabriel Child
Proctol – Kelly
Proctol – Lloyds Davies
Proctol – Nauton Morgan
Proctol – Patterson
Providence Hospital Forceps Curved
Providence Hospital Forceps Straight
Quinby Scissors
Quire Foreign Body Levers
Quisling Hammers
Radolf Finger
Rampley Sponge Holding Forceps
Randall Kidney Forceps
Rankin – Kelly Curved
Rankin – Kelly Straight
Raydel – Seiffer Buck Curettes
Recamier Uterine Curettes Blunt
Recamier Uterine Curettes Sharp
Reiner Ear Syringe
Reiner Plaster Breakers
Rendall Uterine Biopsy Aspirating Curettes
Retractors – Adson
Retractors – Adson Baby
Retractors – Alm Self Retainning
Retractors – Beckmann
Retractors – Blunt
Retractors – Blunt Alm
Retractors – Collin – Hartmann
Retractors – Coryllos Thorax
Retractors – Crile
Retractors – Cushing
Retractors – Davidson Scapula
Retractors – Deaver
Retractors – Deaver Group
Retractors – Desmarres
Retractors – Diameda Blunt
Retractors – Diameda Pointed
Retractors – Doyen
Retractors – Ferabeuf
Retractors – Finsen Blunt
Retractors – Finsen Pointed
Retractors – Firtsch
Retractors – Frazier
Retractors – Goelet
Retractors – Graefe
Retractors – Grafe Sharp
Retractors – Grafe Sharp Blunt
Retractors – Green
Retractors – Guthire
Retractors – Harberer
Retractors – Harrington
Retractors – Heaney
Retractors – Israel
Retractors – Jansen
Retractors – Joseph
Retractors – Kelly
Retractors – Kelly
Retractors – Kilner Skin Cats Paw
Retractors – Kocher
Retractors – Kocher
Retractors – Koerte Curved
Retractors – Koerte Straight
Retractors – Lahey
Retractors – Langenbeck
Retractors – Langenbeck
Retractors – Little
Retractors – Mathieu
Retractors – McIndoe Skin Hook
Retractors – Middeldorpf
Retractors – Mikulicz
Retractors – Ollier
Retractors – Parker
Retractors – Parker – Langenbeck
Retractors – Plester
Retractors – Pointed Alm
Retractors – Reverdin
Retractors – Ribbon
Retractors – Richardson
Retractors – Richardson Eastman
Retractors – Richardson Richardson Grip
Retractors – Roux
Retractors – Roux Baby
Retractors – Roux Mini
Retractors – Sauerbruch
Retractors – Senn – Green
Retractors – Senn Blunt
Retractors – Senn Pointed
Retractors – Sharp
Retractors – Simon
Retractors – Volkmann
Retractors – Volkmann
Retractors – Volkmann Blunt
Retractors – Volkmann Pointed
Retractors – Weitlaner
Retractors – Weitlaner – Wullstein Blunt
Retractors – Weitlaner – Wullstein Sharp
Retractors – Weitlaner Blunt
Retractors – Weitlaner Pointed
Rib Shear
Rib Sheer
Rib Spreaders
Richter – Heath – Forceps
Ring Cutter
Roberts Forceps Curved
Roberts Forceps Straight
Rochester – Pean Curved
Rochester – Pean Forceps
Rochester – Pean Ochsner Curved
Rochester – Pean Ochsner Straight
Rochester – Pean Straight
Roeder Towel Forceps
Roger Septum Elevators
Rogge Universal Forceps
Rollet Cataract Knives
Root Elevator
Rose Tubes
Roser – Koenig Mouth Gags
Rubber Dam Clumps
Rubber Dam instruments
Rubber Ligotomy Bands
Rumel Forceps
Ruskin – Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
Ruskin Bone Rongeurs
Russian Tissue Forceps
Sachs Neurosurgery
Saenger Forceps
Saliva Ejector
Sarot Forceps Curved
Sarot Forceps Straight
Sarot Lung Forceps
Satinsky Lung Forceps
Sato Cataract Knives
Satterlee Amputation
Sauerbruch Bone Rongeurs
Sawtell Tonsils Retractors
Scaglietti Bone Rongeurs
Scalpels Handle
Scalpels Handle Standard
Scalpels Parker – Metal Handle and Blade
Scalpels with Metal Handle (Parker Blade)
Schaedel Towel Forceps
Scharmann Scalers
Schede Bone Cutters
Scheie Cataract Knives
Schneidezahne Paramolern
Schnidl Tonsil Forceps
Schoenburg Intestinal Forceps
Schroeder Vulsellum Forceps
Schubert Biopsy Forceps
Schumacher Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Schumacher Scissors
Scientific instruments
Scissors – Episiotomy Lawson
Scissors – Iris
Scissors – Kilner
Scissors – Lister Bandage
Scissors – Umbilical
Scissors – Wire Cutting Universal
Scissors Dissecting Open Shank
Sedillot Elevators
Segond Myoma Knives
Seldin Bone Files
Seldin Root Elevators
Semb Bone Cutting Forceps
Semb Cutting Forceps
Semb Lung Forceps
Semb Root Elevators
Semken Tissue Forceps
Semm Vaginal Specula
Sexton Ear Knives
Shea Micro Ear Scissors
Siebold Scissors
Simon Bone Cutters
Simpson – Braun Midwifery Forceps
Simpson Luikart Midwifery Forceps
Simpson Midwifery Forceps
Sims Curved Scissors
Sims Procotoscopes
Sims Speculum Retractors
Sims Straight Scissors
Sims Uterine Curettes
Sims Uterine Curettes Blunt
Sims Uterine Curettes Sharp
Sims Uterine Depressors
Sims Uterine Sounds
Singley Tissue Forceps
Site, dental instruments
Skene Tenaculum Forceps
Smile Bone Cutters
Smith Eye Specula
Smith Peterson Bone Chisels Curved
Smith Peterson Bone Chisels Straight
Smith US Army Scissors
Smithwick Nerve Retractors
Snellen Chalazion Forceps
Snellen Wire Loops
Somer Uterine Polypus Forceps
Spaitzange Fur Obera Molaren
Spatulas Cotton Applicators
Specula Cusco – Large
Specula Cusco – Medium
Specula Cusco – Small
Specula Cusco – Virgin
Specula Graves – Large
Specula Graves – Medium
Specula Graves – Small
Specula Hartmann Aural
Specula Sims
Specula Winterpon with Light
Specula Winterpon with Light Attachment
Spencer Scissors
Spencer Wells A/F Curved
Spencer Wells A/F Straight
Splinter Forceps
Splinter Martin
Sponge Holder Rampley
Spratt Bone Cutters
Spurling Liminectomy Rongeurs
Sputum Mug with Hinged Lid
Sryer Root Elevator
St. Barts Wax Hook
St. Clair – Thomson
St. Martin Ligature Forceps
Staude – Moore Tenacullum Forceps
Sterilization Case – Perforated
Sterilizing Forceps Blunt
Sterilizing Forceps Cheatle
Sterilizing Forceps Davis
Sterilizing Forceps Mayo
Sterilizing Forceps Rogge
Sterilizing Forceps Universal Curved
Sterilizing Forceps Universal Straight
Sternmerg Lip Retractors
Stevens Cataract Knives
Stevens Scissors Curved
Stevens Scissors Straight
Stevenson Eye Specula
Stieglitz Splinter Forceps Curved
Stieglitz Splinter Forceps Straight
Stile Forceps
Stille – Horsley Bone Cutting Forceps
Stille – Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Curved
Stille – Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Straight
Stille – Ruskin Bone Rongeurs
Stille Bone Chisels
Stille Plaster Shears
Stille Rib Shear
Stille Thumb Tissue Forceps
Stille Tissue Forceps
Stiller – Luer Bone Rongeurs
Stiller – Luer Bone Rongeurs Curved
Stiller – Luer Bone Rongeurs Straight
Stinsky Scissors
Stitch Scissors
Strabismus Scissors
Struempel Foreign Body Levers
Strully Scissors
Surgical and dental instruments
Surgical exporter
Surgical importer
Surgical instruments
Surgical instruments .at
Surgical instruments expoter
Surgical instruments manufacturers
Surgical suppliers
Syringe Gabriel
T.C instruments
T.O.E Dissecting Forceps
Taele Vulsellum Forceps
Tarnier Midwifery Forceps
Taylor Bone Cutters
Tc instrumetns
Terson Capsular Forceps
Thomas – Allis Tissue Forceps
Thomas – Gaylor Biopsy Forceps
Thomson – Walker Bladder Retractors
Thorex Scissors
Thudichum Malleus Nippers
Thumb Forceps
Thumb Tissue Forceps
Thundicum Nasal
Tieck – Halle Nasal Specula
Tilley Aural Forceps
Tilley Ear Forceps
Tilley Nasal Forceps
Tischler – Morgan Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Tischler Punch Biopsy Forceps
Tishler – Kevorkian Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Tissue Forceps
Tobold Spatulas Cotton Applicators
Tobold Tongue Depressors
Toennis – Adson Scissors
Toennis Forceps Curved
Toennis Forceps Straight
Toennis Neurosurgery
Tongue Depressors
Tonsil Vascular Scissors
Tonsilectomy Kit
Took Cataract Knives
Tough Cut Scissors
Townsend Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Toynbee Ear Specula
Trocar and Cannula
Trocars Coakley
Trocars Douglas
Trocars Fleurant
Trocars Hormone Implant
Trocars Hydrocele
Trocars Lichwitz
Trocars Nelson
Trocars Ochsner
Trocars Pierce
Trocars Standard
Trocars Universal Complete
Troeltsch Nasal Forceps
Tuffier Forceps
Tuffier Rib Spreaders
Tungsten Carbide tip instruments
Turrel Biopsy Forceps
U.S. Pattern
Uckermann Spatulas Cotton Applicators
Ulrich Dressing Forceps Curved
Ulrich Dressing Forceps Straight
Universal Bending Pliers
Universal Forceps
Universal Scissors
Unna – Vidal Needle and Scope
Untere Dritte Molaren
Untere Eckzahne Molaren
Untere Eckzahne und Pramolaren
Untere Molaren
Untere Molaren Links
Untere Molaren Rechts
Untere Pramolaren
Untere Premolaren
Untere Schnedezahne
Untere Schnedezahne Pramolaren
Untere Schneide
Untere Schneide und Eckzahne
Untere Schneideza – Ne
Untere Schneidezahne
Untere Wurzeln
Untere Wurzeln und Eng
Untere Zahne fur Kinder
Untere Zahne und Wurzeln
USA Model
Van – Doren Biopsy Forceps
Van Buren Bone Holding Forceps
Van Buren Dilator
Vannas Scissors
Vannas Scissors Curved
Vascular Scissors
Verbrugge Bone Cutting Forceps
Veterinary surgical instrument
Veterinary surgical instruments
Vigo Sharp / Blunt Scissors
Virchow Bone Chisels
Virtus Splinter Forceps
Volkmann Bone Cutters
Volkmann Spoon
Volkmann Spoon Large
Volkmann Spoon Medium
Voltolini Nasal Specula
Wachenfeldt Forceps
Wadsworth Tood Cauter
Wagener Hooklets
Wagener Scissors Curved
Wagener Scissors Straight
Walsham Left
Walsham Right
Walsham Straight
Walton Cataract Knives
Wangensteen Tissue Forceps
Wanger Laminectomy Rongeurs
Ward Crank Bend Scissors
Watson – Cheyne Elevators
Weber Wire Loops
Wecker Scissors
Week Eye Specula
Weider Tongue Depressors
Weil – Blakesley Nasal Forceps
Wertheim – Cullen Forceps
Wertheim Forceps
West Bone Files
Westcott Scissors
Weston Ganchoes Rectols
Wheeler Cataract Knives
Wheeler Foreign Body Instruments
White Root Elevators
Wiener Cataract Knives
Wigmore Plaster Shears
Wild Snares
Wilde – Troeltsch Ear Dressing Forceps
Wilde Ear Snares
Wilde Forceps Aural
Wilder Dilators
Wilder Wire Loops
Willet – Martel Forceps
Williams Eye Specula
Williams Intestinal Forceps
Williger Bone Curette
Williger Bone Cutters
Williger Bone Files
Williger D/E
Williger Hammers
Williger Root Elevators
Winter Curved
Winter Forceps Straight
Winter Root Elevators
Wire and Clothing Scissors
Wittner Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Wolf Plaster Breakers
Wrigley Delivery Forceps
Wrigley Midwifery Forceps
Yankauer Nasal Specula
Yeoman Biopsy Forceps
Young Grasping Forceps
Young Prostatic Retractors
Young Tongue Holding Forceps
Younger – Good Scalars
Zange Flach Plier
Zaufal – Jansen Bone Rongeurs
Zenker Forceps
Ziegler Cataract Knives
Ziegler Dilators
Ziegler Eye Specula
baber sicssors
hair scissors
thinning scissors

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