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Foshan Duoyimei Medical instrument,

Internet (WWW)
Contact person Perry
Address #2 No.6 Keda Road,Shishan Technology Industrial Park A,Nanhai District,Foshan City Guangdong Province,China
Postalcode 528000
City Foshan city
State Guangdong province
Country China
Telephone +86 18929916397
Fax +86 0757-81262198
Second email

About Foshan Duoyimei Medical instrument,

Foshan Duoyimei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in dental instrument and dental equipment. Our company was founded in 2005, located at the center of Zhujiang Delta. We have many kinds of Dental equipment providing completely services for you.

Our company has many kinds of certificates like CE for Euro countries and has obtained the product registration form. We guarantee the quality of our products we offer. The partial products also applied for the national usable patent and the outward appearance patent, moreover in the profession originates emerging product. Our Company have registered "DYM, SKi" as a trademark of our company and products.

The workshop area is more than 2000 square meters. We have all kinds of talented persons. We have supplied a series of perfect service for the development ,the production, and the sell, post-sell and so on.

After several years development and consistent progress, our company always takes the tenet of “Never forgetting those giving us support, ceaselessly exploit and innovate, keeping the stable quality and the reasonable price”, so it has been supported by the friends in dentistry. Quality of service is DYM forever commitment to customers.

Our main products (Ski) LED Curing Light, (Ski)Air Compressor, (Ski)Automatic Drainage System, (Ski) Lubricators, (Ski)Handpiece Oil, (Ski)Handpiece (Ski)High Speed Diamond Burs, and so on.

Because with you we will more efforts and energetic! We hope you will stand by us forever!

Foshan Duoyimei Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

Mobile:+86 18929916397
Tel:+86 757 81269660
Add:#2 No.6 Keda Road,Shishan Technology Industrial Park A,Nanhai District,Foshan City Guangdong Province,China

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Products Foshan Duoyimei Medical instrument, in the DentalCatalog
Air Compressor
Air Compressor
High Speed Diamond Burs
KI2Hole Standard High Speed Handpiece(by key)
plastic LED curing light
plastic LED curing light with digital
SKI (2 hole) mini high speed handpiece
SKI (2 hole) push high speed handpiece
SKI (2hole) torque high speed handpiece
SKI (2hole) torque high speed handpiece
SKI 2 Hole Push Button Quick Coupling Handpiece
SKI 2/4 hole push torque high speed handpiece
SKI 2/4hole low speed handpiece
SKI 2/4hole low speed handpiece
SKI 2/4hole low speed handpiece
Ski Curing Light(with pedestal)
SKI high speed handpiece
Ski LED Curing Light (plug in)
Ski LED Curing Light (plug in)
Ski LED Curing Light (with digital)
Ski LED Curing Light With digital (wireless)
Ski LED Curing Light(Wireless)
SKI Low speed handpiece
SKI Lubricant Device(new style)
SKI(2/4Hole) 45°High Speed Handpiece(Push button)
Ski-701 one for one oil-free compressor
Ski-701 one for one oil-free compressor
Ski-702 one for two oil-free air compressor
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Distributors Foshan Duoyimei Medical instrument,
Type of business Foshan Duoyimei Medical instrument,
Association or NGO Yes
CAD/CAM Milling/Scan-Centre No
Distributor / Depot No
Education, medical Center, college or University No
Exhibition&conference No
Exporter Yes
Importer No
insurance and finance No
Interior designer No
jobs and recruitment No
Manufacturer Yes
Media Service No
other No
Publisher No
Subsidiary No
Wholesaler No
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