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Rolence Enterprise Inc.

Internet (WWW)
Contact person Peter Chiu
Address 18-3.Lane 231,Pu Chung Road
Postalcode 320
City Chungli
State Taoyuan
Country Taiwan
Telephone 886 3 463 1999
Fax 886 3 463 1997
Second email

About Rolence Enterprise Inc.

Rolence Enterprise Inc., established in 1981, evolved into becoming a global dental products manufacturer is truly unique. With the leadership of the founder and president of REI, Mr. C.C. Cheng who is a forward-thinking scientist began a quest to create more effective dental product than ones that were available on the market. REI keeps on developing better products that were not only advanced for Their time, but also that would set future highest standards.

Our Quality Policy

Rolence Enterprise Inc. has it's own factory with the production under the certification of ISO 9001, ISO-13485 and EN-46001 approved by DNV as well as we got the GMP approval by the Department of Health (DOH). Today, REI manufactures various dental products including light cure unit (Halogen, LED and Plasma), Ultrasonic scaler (Piezo and Cavitron), Ultrasonic cleaner, Intraoral camera system (wireless and built-in type) as well as dental suppliers such as Diamond bur, saliva ejector, mask, glove, sterilization pouch, mouth mirror, etc. Currently, we focus on the bleaching units and bleaching material in order to enhance our service widely to all of the dentistry range.
Every year, REI invests and focus optimal efforts on R&D as well as REI already learned a lot of practical experience in OEM and ODM productions with world famous brand names. In keeping with its mission to improve the level of dental healthcare worldwide, REI markets it's products through distributors in more than 80 countries, reaching individual dentists, dental schools and lab. Rolence Enterprise Inc. was recognized for its outstanding leadership and contributions to the dental community.
Rolence's staff of dedicated employees is still growing. Company management maintains a high level of commitment to employee training programs and dental activities.

Our Quality Promises

We are proud of that and are committed to continuing this mission and we invite you to join us to step into the both win business relationship with EOLENCE ENTERPRISE INC.
For more information about REI or any of its products, knowledgeable customer service staff members are waiting for your call at 886-3-4631999 ext 13.

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Products Rolence Enterprise Inc. in the DentalCatalog
Rolence: Curing light (Halogen)
Rolence: Cute-lite 1E
Rolence: Diamond Bur
Rolence: Diamond Bur
Rolence: High Speed Air Turbine Handpiece (Standard)
Rolence:Crystal 1200
Rolence:Crystal 1600
Rolence:Elident 55EP
Rolence:EliteDent 50EP
Rolence:High Speed Air Turbine Handpiece (Push Button)
Rolence:In-Telligence 15/25/55/85 M(H)
Rolence:In-Telligence MS10
Rolence:In-Telligence MS50
Rolence:In-Telligence PS25
Rolence:In-Telligence PS25B
Rolence:Ultralite 1000E
Rolence:Ultralite 180A Plasma
Rolence:Ultralite 500E
Rolence:Ultrasonic cleaner 25M
Rolence:ZoomCam LD 10Aplus
Rolence:ZoomCam LD 10Dplus
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Distributors Rolence Enterprise Inc.
Type of business Rolence Enterprise Inc.
Association or NGO No
CAD/CAM Milling/Scan-Centre No
Distributor / Depot Yes
Education, medical Center, college or University No
Exhibition&conference No
Exporter Yes
Importer Yes
insurance and finance No
Interior designer No
jobs and recruitment No
Manufacturer Yes
Media Service No
other No
Publisher No
Subsidiary No
Wholesaler No
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