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Free Shipping Chinese Dental Lab looks for cooperation

Placed by: Glisten Dental Lab
Dear Esteemed Client,

If you are bored with your current outsourcing dental lab for its continuous remakes, or if you are not satisfied with the current turnaround time, after-sale service and warranty policy. Now Glisten Dental Lab is your right choice and your forever reliable outsourcing partner.
1. Professional Communication: Our two chief customer service girls Amanda and Vivian have around 10 years experience and also worked in big labs like Modern Dental Lab before, all the other team members have more than 5 years experience.
2. Location Advantage: Glisten Dental locates in Shenzhen, China. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the airport, the geographic advantage guarantees its fast turnaround time. One week door-to-door delivery is available for most conventional jobs.
3. Price Advantage: Currently lab is equipped with 4 sets milling machines and most fixed prosthesis can be milled, our labour cost reduced and the unit price is really reasonable. Thus every client can find a good balance here between good quality and affordable price.
4. Technology Advantage: Glisten Dental was founded by experienced dentist who can not only give constructive suggestions from a technician's view. but also from the dentist's view. We can handle complicated cases like telescopic crowns, attachment and full arch implant constructions.
5. Certificates Guarantee: Glisten Dental promises only use CE certificated material and strictly follow ISO, TUV and FDA standards. We list all the main material we used for each case.
I'm looking forward to your early reply. If this email disturb you, pls accept my sincere apology.

Best regards,
Mobile: +86-18129930882
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