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The Dental Scanner Scansystems s.r.l.

The Dental Scanner by scanSystems is a high performance 3D system
to create accurate 3D scans of dies/stumps, inlay preparations, bridge
preparations, bites/antagonists, wax-ups and full dental casts. The
scanner supports dental technicians with a digital process that enables
individualised dental devices to be designed and manufactured quickly
in large quantities.
3D models of customers' dental casts or dies/stumps are available within
minutes on the basis of automatic procedures. The scanner captures full
geometries of dental models with high accuracy, including undercuts.
The scanner is equipped with two independent rotary tables, which can
be used to scan more dental models in one scanning session. In
particular, various combinations of dental models can be placed on each
rotary table: from a full dental cast up to six dies/stumps. Each scanning
and processing session is based on a totally automatic methodology,
even if more dental models have been placed on the rotary tables.
The scanned data can be saved in various open standard formats, which
can be used directly by third-party modelling software packages.
The scanning system runs on a standard Windows-based PC (included)
and requires no specific expertise to be operated. Dental Scanner


Een nieuw ontwikkeld gestructureerd licht scanner met twee rotatie tafels, zie attachment. Evident voordeel is dat tot 14 stompen gelijktijdig gescand kunnen worden, of, een vast model met de bijbehorende stompen. Daardoor behoord het tijdrovende scannen door kostbaar personeel tot verleden tijd. Immers, gedurende de operationele scantijd hoeft er niets gedaan te worden. De eerste scanner die in een tandtechnisch laboratorium de technicus niet van z’n werk afhoudt. Ook beschikt de scanner over zogenaamde “Merging Software”, wat het mogelijk maakt om met ongezaagde modellen te werken, een absolute must voor implantaat opdrachten en bij inlaybruggen.

Indication The Dental Scanner
Structured light projection - Stereo Vision - Double rotary tables
High performance - High levels of accuracy are guaranteed by
innovative technologies recognised at scientific and academic level
Versatility - All types of dental models can be scanned: dies/stumps,
inlays, bridge preparations, bites, wax-ups, full casts, overbites
Flexibility - Undercuts and an inlay preparations can be automatically
scanned; moreover coloured surfaces can be captured by automatic
adjustment of the optical devices
Easy to use - The target objects can be rapidly and easily positioned on
the rotary tables without compromising accuracy
Automation - The scanner software automatically creates a surfaced
3D model from the acquired point cloud data
Robustness - The hardware equipment guarantees high stability and
minimum maintenance
Open output formats - The 3D files can be saved and exported in a
number of standard formats, such as STL or IGES
The dental scanner by scanSystems can easily scan various dental
items, even in one session, including: die/stump, bridge preparation, full
cast, inlay preparation. Any target object is scanned by an completely
automatic process.
Point cloud and stl representation of
a full cast
Point clouds and stl representations
of stumps/dies/inlay
Technical specifications The Dental Scanner
The Dental Scanner by scanSystems is based on using an optical
sensor, whereby structured light planes are projected onto dental
preparations (cast or die). A high-resolution digital camera acquires
images of the lines created on the cast or die(s). The software
automatically processes the images and creates the 3D models.
Undercuts on the physical objects are automatically captured by using
two independent rotation plates (360 degree rotation).
Dental models (cast, bridge, die) can be placed on the rotary tables - no
precise positioning is necessary - then, the User has just to click on the
starting button and the scanner ensures a complete coverage of the
whole geometries of the model(s), including undercuts.
The Dental Scanner includes an optical sensor composed of a b/w
FireWire camera and a structured light projector. The optical sensor is
integrated to a moving equipment, which includes two independent
rotary tables. Each table can hold either a full cast or a set of
stumps/dies (from 1 to 6 objects), which can be captured in one
scanning session. The optical devices and the control unit of the moving
axes are connected to a PC equipped with Windows XP and software for
scanning and processing surface data.
System components
• One Firewire camera equipped with high quality lens
• A structured light projector
• Movement devices (2 rotation axes and 1 translation axis)
• A Personal Computer with Windows XP and 17’’ TFT monitor
• Calibration accessories (software and plate)
• Connection cables
• User manual
The Dental Scanner by scanSystems includes a software, which
automatically scans dental objects and creates a surfaced 3D model
from the acquired point cloud data.
The software also includes unique algorithms, which allow the alignment
of different scanned parts (upper and lower bite, stump and dental cast).
The 3D files can be saved and exported in a number of standard
formats, such as STL, IGES, ASCII. This makes the scanner fully
compatible with all open solutions and applicatives developed by third
Software functionalities
• Point cloud acquisition
• Calibration of optical sensor and moving devices
• Alignment of point clouds
• Post-processing of scan data
• Mesh creation
• Export in standard formats (STL, ASCII, IGES)
Country: Italy
Contactperson: Marketing Manager
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