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Dentprogress 2013

Dentprogress 2013 Schouten Dental

dentProgress, with its straightforward interface, frees the user to concentrate on the basics: dental restoration.
Colors can be set individually, granting the user license to establish a personalized workspace. The various functions
and tools present themselves to the mouse, and are all but a click away. The multi-functional, intuitive workflow
guides the user to quick results. Bound to an efficient, modern solution architecture, dentProgress stands out as a
unique asset in digitized dental laboratories worldwide.

Work with dentProgress is split into four activities: Manage, Scan, Create and Produce. This allows technicians‘ effort
to be modularized so as to achieve the greatest efficiency possible. With such a comprehensive project fulfillment
process, customer-specific needs can be delivered, special materials and characteristics accounted for, and isolated
tasks scheduled. Reporting in the context of material, technicians and customers, further rounds out the enhanced
capabilities of dentProgress.

In addition to basic functionality such as crowns and bridges, a growing number of enhancement modules are on
the way, including a package for inlays, onlays and veneers, in addition to a custom abutment module. All
restorations are constructed using backward planning in order to obtain ceramic support when performing full

The innovative virtual articulation modules stand out in particular: the virtual Bioarticulator is the successor
of the well-known Virtual Articulator technology. It simulates movement of the human jaw with physiological
accuracy as a condylar displacement and not merely a simple rotation. Freed from mechanical constraints, a natural
initial movement allows occlusal contacts to be detected automatically. Due in particular to the increased adoption of
monolithic, fully-anatomical restorations, natural, unimpeded occlusion is assured with dentProgress.

Thanks to the modular construction of dentProgress, getting
started in digital dentistry is now more affordable than ever, with
the flexibility to be expanded along as user demands increase

Indication Dentprogress 2013
• Intuitive and ergonomical usage
• Customizable, multifunctional user interface
• Backward planning methodology
• Functional occlusion alignment
• Simplified material and characteristic maintenance
• Database with technician/task scheduling
• Reporting function
• User-based access control
• Capabilities sold as individual packages to reduce the cost to get started
• Ideal complement to the Activity Series® of scanners
• Results produced in the open STL format
• No yearly license or upgrade fees
Technical specifications Dentprogress 2013
• CPU Intel® Core i5-25002.3 GHz or faster
• RAM 6 GB or more
• Graphics Card nVidia® GeForce 9500 GT 1024 MB
• OS Windows 7® 64bit
• Hard Drive ca. 500 GB
Country: Netherlands
Contactperson: Dhr. Van de Erve
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