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Ultrasonic scaler tips

Ultrasonic scaler tips xpedent

We are a British owned and run ISO 9000 and TUV Certified Dental implant and ultrasonic scaler and scaler tips manufacture in China. Our factory is equipped with the latest Star 7 axis CNC machine operated by highly skilled and fully trained staff. We take great pride in delivering a first class CNC machining service from initial contact and enquiry stage through to delivery of parts and after sales support. Our experienced office staff will help with any technical queries you may have relating to an enquiry, including material selection, re-design of parts, REDUCING COST and finish specifications. We have both English and Chinese engineers working on the workshop floor ensure error free communications with our clients.

We have full range of dental tips, compatible with all major brands. We are manufacturing, perio tips, endodontic tips, cavity preparation tips and surgical tips. Available in different models, Made of special material, Produced by experienced technical staff, Conforming to international standards, Quick delivery and small order quantity available.

Our dental inserts are compatible with Satelec handle, E series which is compatible with EMS handles, A series which is compatible with Sirona handle, and K series which is compatible with Kavo handle
Feel free to contact us for more information.

We can manufacture your scaler and dental implant according to your drawings or samples. Besides the powerful machine capacity, we can provide materiel, heat treatment, hand polishing and laser etching your logo service for the scalers.

We take pride in our manufacturing capability and are always looking for a new challenge with a new customer; we can guarantee you the best customer service and the fastest delivery time for your products, you are more than welcome to visit our facility here in china at any time.

We will manufacture your dental components to the highest of standards; our machinery is the best available anywhere in the world for this type of job, our staff are dedicated and professional and most of all our price and quality is the best.

Try us you will not be disappointed!!!

Feel free to contact me for more information by email:

Or Skype jenny.sims

Best Regards,

Jenny Sims



National High Tech Industrial Zone of Innovation

Guilin CHINA

Mobile +8613607730014 (updating at the moment)

Indication Ultrasonic scaler tips
Technical specifications Ultrasonic scaler tips
Country: China
Contactperson: jenny sims
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